Covid-19, I Have Questions

Ladies, Gentlemen, Others,

I am curious about your experiences during this world-wide pandemic. Have any of you tested positive or recovered from the virus?

If that is not your experience, are you in isolation most of the time?

When you go into the public, do you mask and observe social distancing or no?

Have your daily routines significantly changed, as in working from home versus in an office? If this is your present, do you intend to continue after the crisis is past?

Have you suffered significant financial impairment due to the situation? Is that situation rectifying itself with time, or is this becoming a morass?

My experience is I have not been tested nor recovered from the virus. There is no reason to believe I have had it. I have been in isolation for the majority of the time. When I do go out, I wear a mask, and I avoid going out without my mentor as much as possible. Most of my routines have continued as usual. I did lose a month of copy editing, and though the publications have resumed, they are less robust to some degree, which affects my editing hours.

I should like for things to become more comfortably routine, and I hope your times are pleasant going forward.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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