Plain Speak?

When one employs verse with its vividities, though it speaks with particular clarity, is it plain? Ah, and is the clarity only a surface seeming with oceans beneath?

These tidbits for your appetite…

The tall tired trees trail
Tails of golden gilded leaves
On chilled coffee morns
While wholesome whimsical loves
Share songs sang subtly soft.


No one told the dove
To cry, nor made her fly by,
But mourning brought her.


Leave your wide window
For the world has more to give
Than vision through glass.


Can we just forget
Such necessities as need
Once made us believe?


If I could, I would
Divorce pain, but it remains,
Losing love leaves stains.


Forbid you might see
The lake of sad darkness here;
Scented roses, Spring.


When I am dead/gone
I shall sleep enough to please
Those I now disturb.
Until then, please allow me;
Simple curiosity.


Exile, I outlaw
You use it, when we belong,
But powerless to curtail
You because of we two there
Is no doubt you are stronger.


I cast a carpet,
Lovely woven silken threads,
Because your comfort
Was my complete intention,
Ordure you wiped upon it.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As a prompt, try some haiku or tanka. They are small forms but can say much and invoke beauty or emotion. Also, both are excellent warm-ups for more strenuous writing.

I hope your week has been comfortable and that life has brought you more pleasantry than pain. Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. If you like, follow the site, or come again as time allows. May blessings find you wherever you venture, and you know the love of God with you.


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