Forward and Toward

As the moments, hours, days, pass
The world we know makes changes
Sometimes for the better, others not,
We cannot choose its path nor way.
We are here, and our influence may
Be felt in our day to day, the smiles,
We share, the times we care,
The seeds we sow, the flowers grown.
Done is done alone, connected is all
Universally, the steps we take
The deeds we dare, everyone has
A share in God’s magnificent tapestry.
Fear dogs our steps we need only
Look around to see that there is
Meaning in everything and even we
Have some effect on the eventualities.
Is… and exists to show us, the world,
All things, what treasure we are and
How the Lord’s goodness is spread
Full and free in creation through
He has placed in every part,
Dear to Him and near His heart
Our lives precious beloved,
Chosen each, every single one.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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