Is it complicated?
Like you would never believe,
All these ifs, ands, buts.

The more I know,
The more my mind
Is confused and desires
Knowledge to sharpen
Connections between thoughts
And probable reality.

Then there is us,
What are we?
A definition is impossible,

However, creativity
Is the mortar connecting us
In time, if not space,
Which is better than nothing;
No expectations, no demands,
Just a togetherness, loosely

Defined in LOVE, I admit,
But hold only in Dreamtime;
Inarticulate, an extreme.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.08.10 Lilies Orange rr

As a prompt, think over your life, is it complicated? Create something that gives a window into the moment.

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God bless you and all you hold dear.

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