The Quiet Run Riot

Sometimes the quiet
Must run riot, override
All the sounds of life;
Be the peace beyond every
Moment of busy being.

A deep-drawn breath takes
A blade from the overwhelm –
Eases harried nerves;
Embraces heart, mind, soul – whole
Imparting all the comfort needed.

Moving from action,
Reaction, to tranquility –
Where the ripple stills,
Rousing pleasure arises in
A gentle touch, sweet caress.

Whispered, “I Love You’s,”
Become the music of choice
As ecstasy floods
Every portion of the selves
Who in the silence, learn to be.

Breathing becomes art
As there is no space between
People learning how
To find one another inside
Who they wish might grow in love.

Still, sometimes quiet
Is the medicine to heal
The ails amassed in
All the frequent places where
There is no solace, silence.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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