Days Like This

Days like this are rare,
Precious, sweet, and unique,
When life serves one up
I try to treasure it well
Because I have known deep pain.

I have seen my best
Snatched away in stray moments
Glory days destroyed,
I pray today may herald
A stream of unbroken joy.

I am not all calm,
Excitement fills me brimming,
But shadow has run
And I am lighted with joy
Maybe, love will be and grow.

There is enough love
Within me to chase sadness
Away, but he makes
It easy to forgive myself
For being a wild-child free.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My apologies for spacing on this, but I wrote it on my phone.

As a prompt, create something about a recently experienced happiness. Bonus points if you show it reignited hope.

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