Use Your Words

When we are upset
The best thing to be done is
For us to use words
Communication is key
To get all the things we need.
Better not resort
To violence and destruction,
Working situations out
Discussion is a better option,
Which brings stronger resolutions.
Putting words on paper or screen
Can be a valuable tool
Letting us approach
Discovering our concrete ideas.
Using our words
Never indicates weakness
But shows intelligence and strength
Because choosing devastation
Is often a more straightforward solution
Formulating a plan
To progress in creativity,
Building the present, ushering in
The future by making
The riskier effort to implement change.
Words build us up,
Encourage and inspire
To conquer difficulties
Eroding mountains of opposition
Into crowds of consolation
Where positivity can overcome
The landslide of negativity
Directed toward each of us
It all began with the Word,
We withstand pain, trouble,
With carefully chosen words
That defend and guard us,
From what would harm us.
We do well to employ
To do what seems too high
A hope, too large a dream,
A huge impossibility,
Because words have power
To change the world, reality.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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