Love Holds

In desperate times
Trust must take a lead
To bring forward the power
Required to accomplish
And brilliantly succeed.
Creativity, ability, gifts,
Skills, talents, need nurture –
In the rich soil of dreams
With a practice of plans, goals.
Things in time come to be
But only when blessed,
Anointed in belief and faith.
All the world anxiously awaits
A time coming when Love
Is the guiding principle
For each heart and every art.
God loves by His nature,
He is Love, and Love expressed
Where Love exists, He is present,
And when, where, there is a need,
He comes, appearing in Love’s
Action, deed, word, always near.
Love abandons no one, without hope
All have an opportunity, for Christ –
Offers salvation to all those
Who wish to accept His gift,
Sacrificially provided, of Eternity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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