Dim to Dimple

When the sun goes down
Shadows daunting fall,
The past so often
Comes beckoning to call
Those souls away
Who little more do share
In love’s escapades,
And clean, crisp, alible air.
Some unready speed
For the light to recall life
Like a vision vaguely seen,
Bringing to heart precious
Dreams that lift the soul;
Pushing shadows back
Reminding minds there
Exists so little a lack
Each day living means
Joining an adventure
Both pleasant and grim, plus
A majority, in between.
Creativity, love, success
Lift heads, hearts, reaching
Out, grasping the joy of living,
Banishing atrocious dreams,
Fulfilling those that delight.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create something going dark to light, sadness to joy, or failure to success.

My working with Alex on his script.
Having enough.
Being here.

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