Future Turning

Today, as here it stands,
May be a day different
Than our buoyant hope,
Or even resilient want.
To address it with our best
We may need to lay hands
Upon the selves we cherish,
Calling out a presence before
Undiscovered, unrecognized.
The quiet fortitude barely known
May stand us good stead through
Hours we otherwise could scarce
Share or even envision to be.
No fearsome ancestor could
Reveal the complications
Suddenly become a reality,
Humanity a bit further than
Itself has gone, so now we catch on.
Dreams, hardly hidden shimmer
With creative promise to emerge;
We walking briskly forward, ready,
Assuming the future ours to consume;
This moment belongs to us,
Who bravely overtake what was,
Reaching beyond ourselves to greatness.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: The pandemic, quarantine, has changed many things. Likely, we will never go back to what was. Create something that goes forward with all the colors of experience you can manage.

Always Grateful:
Writing survives.
Books entertain, inform, carry me on.
I caught some extra quiet today.
The cuckoo clock that calls me to attend to time.
Tribble and Wookie force me to go outdoors.

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