For A Day

There are many things
We choose not to think, recall,
Because we cannot
Handle all the vicious pain,
But sometimes, we dare not refrain.
Often memories
Dazzle us like bright stage lights
And we remember
Wishes that bought our futures,
Curses that destroyed our pasts.
We stand open-armed
On the island of today,
With tomorrow’s fears,
The lost promises of yesterday;
Holding steadfast hope and love.
The crystal tears shed
Today, not only for this
But unknowns, injuries,
For which there are no repairs;
Still believing possibilities.
We, hold out for love, today,
Beguiled by dreams of promise
Even as the evidence
Renders it a magic of the lucky
The blessed, ah, but glorious bliss.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create a page or more of freed work. Go over it and develop something.

The rain.
Trash bags.

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