Have Laundry?

Life is not laundry –
We cannot throw parts inside
A machine and wash
Away the blood, dirt, and ink
The strains are deep stains and keep.

We can play music
Try to soothe our tortured souls
But hurt, pain never
Leave without doubts uncontrolled –
Yesterday sings, ever bold.

Writing the story
We may find partial relief
But we may become
Such characters we did not
Foresee ourselves/differently.

Poetry is fine
If we have time to create
A fortunate line,
But it may wad us into
Waste sheets in stone bins, my friends.

Live time, forever,
Make it the very best show
Play it all for real
Let others surely know all
The love which our hearts hold inside.

Be, love, give, listen,
See everything positively
Life, love are enough
Go all in, never give up,
Let show, make evident, love.

Life is not laundry –
But our lives can be redeemed
By the Lord Jesus Christ
We can find grace and be cleaned
We can live by faith, be free.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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