2022 Creativity Project – Day 99

Why Jesus?

In the shadow days
When the risk of flight becomes
A constant companion
It could be said He is why
The choice to stay is doable.
There are times prayers
Get more than ample answers,
When money stretches
Or unexpected changes
Fix problems beyond measure.
When loneliness calls
Without invitation, Love
Reaches out to soothe
The breaking of heart, mind,
Tears, He wipes them with melodies.
Food to eat, beverages to drink,
Clothes to wear, home to live,
The life He gives abundantly,
The blessing of friends, family,
The beautiful people, beings,
Surroundings fragile; unique things,
Jesus Christ, Creator, is everything
Without Him, there would be
Nothing but emptiness.
Faith, hope, life, Love, gifts
He creates generously to bestow.
Friend to everyone who calls
The Lord who knows each one
Throughout and forever, all.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This poem was inspired by the book, Inspired by Rachel Held-Evans.

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