2022 Creativity Project – Day 20

Tanka and Regulars

Sometimes the strength flees
Without an explanation
But sweet temper holds
The heart keeps smiling songs bold
As women who men behold.

Create work about a condition of the constitution. Bonus if you can bring it off without stating or illustrating what you describe.

Image: © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My apologies; I have been very exhausted all day. This may suffer.

Gratitude List
1. Reading great books.
2. Electric lighting.
3. Washer.
4. Dryer.
5. Clothes.

You have drifted off
I know not where, but my heart
Begs me to find you,
My soul recalls how much you
Delight me, renew my life.

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Overcast, like Winter
Days that threaten from cotton
Skies to drop blankets
Of freezing sleet, snow, and ice,
My life withers without you.

I write love poems only because I know love due to experience. The fruitlessness of current days makes me fear I am lost with no way.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – Day 10

1. The business of the day/Fades away in quiet peace/There is no fanfare/To bid light pleasant goodbyes/We forfeit it with closed eyes.

2. Marketplace wonder/Bounty in every full isle/Pick, choose, satisfy/The need realized this moment/The want not to be denied.

PROMPT – Experience invades and persuades every way each day. Take your day, compress it into some pithy phrases to illuminate what passed for your life. Use tanka or haiku if you like.

Gratitude List – I am thankful: 1. I drove to town and back safely. 2. I got a few consumables to keep body and person together a while longer. 3. Though not synced with average time, I slept.

A Vice – Photo © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 9

Photo © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

We should talk about “They” and “Them.” These characters are often evoked to accentuate some point of debate. If their opinions meet with disagreement, many people have no idea who the characters are.

Some live lives of desperation, attempting to live up to their standards, and others chase their approval. It seems some find life incomplete without including the drama of us and them.

I am trying to divorce myself from caring about the thoughts and opinions of they and them. I suggest this may be worthwhile for you, too.

An indication this might be a healthful exercise is that you, as I did, find yourself frequently checking social media. I found myself feeling great when likes existed, less so when there were none. I checked many times a day and spent hours online. I do less of both now.

They may have specific thoughts or beliefs and believe you should do the same, but if these do not match who you are, you can defy them.

You are an individual, made in God’s image. You are a creator. Do your things, be your person. If someone speaks the truth to you and it fits your head game and real-life, good, follow that, as long as you dare. When it is time to let go, stop hitching that wagon, find a rocket to the stars.

They and Them, if existing, have lives of whatever description. Try not to think about either. Be you, do it unashamedly gloriously, your way, without fear, with love, creativity, and kindness. The world needs so much compassion. Worry less about “Them and They,” and make your life and those of others better when and where you are able.

Believe me; this advice is for me, too.

If you have an opportunity, do an act of kindness to “pay it forward.” Create some work that evokes the feelings your generosity brings. Let your audience feel the reality.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. My screen protectors came.
2. Reading is an educational affair.

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 6

Open the door on a new-fangled year. Somehow it seems unclear who is going on. Will a pose be stuck to endear, or are all acts sheared away.

Maybe everything is unformed as the void was before the Word gave life. Words are the tools to sculpt the way, whatever means each day.

© Jo Ann J.A. Jordan

Light the
With a
In memory
And moment,
To see

The work
Never stops,
The war to
Keep together
What battles
Left me;
Meaning confused
By voices,
Whether his or

I sing
As usual
I am plagued
By fear
And doubt –
The both

Soft ones,
So dear –
Life is
A balmy
Where ravens

One through three are tanka; four is a haiku. I gave them unconventional line breaks to add emphasis.

Consider something you have created; take it to another medium or form. Please do not presume to know what you make until you take directions you did not first use.

1. Even when I fall, I find the way.
2. What no one knows.
3. Still learning.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As most of you may know, I lost my Mom several years ago after being her full-time caregiver for some years.

We both collected cups, although Mom had an altogether more impressive cache having had more money to spend.

We were active in CBC as long as she could go without danger or humiliation. In the singles group, I met Bernice, but she soon became a treasured friend of us both. She gave my Mom the cup above, which is by far one of the most unique I have seen.

This work of art was stored in a curio cabinet in the common area. A few weeks ago, as I was walking my circle through the house, I heard the beginning of a crash.

I was right beside the cabinet on my path, and an assortment of glass, ceramic, and china things Mom collected and painted fell out on the floor. The stud that held the shelf let go and tilted so that with the accumulated weight, the door opened, and much tumbled out to shatter.

The unique cup Bernice gifted Mom was not on that shelf, thankfully. I have been moving it around the house, hoping to keep it safe.

I was crushed that several figures Mom painted after I taught her how to help with her tremors were destroyed. I hope there are no such future occurrences.

I think this cup is so unusual; I thought I would share.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan