Come, Listen, Treasure


Sometimes it is hard
This rigorous adulting
More downtime would be
Greatly appreciated
To jettison those troubles
Clubbing a body to pulp
But there are only few hours.

Listening closely, hearing
Those words actually spoken
Gauging each carefully so
No misunderstandings or
Mistakes compound problems of
Complex communication
Slows the perceived progression
Of moments hurrying to
Escape the grip imagined
Into existence by those
Who believe control belongs
In power, money, prestige.

This, comprehending silence
Lack of constantly striving
Sharing a word openly
Can move giant obstacles
Offering gifts of kindness,
Gratitude, compassion, love,
Destroying suspicion, hate.

Listen, watch, taste, smell,
Feel all the world, life offers
Richness begins here.

Yeah, I was going to kick back. My life, it does not happen that way, unless I ignore the consistent need to create. My mind churns things out all the time. I do have to shut it out sometimes just to get things done. Anyway, this took me over, demanded I wrote it and was not content in the notebook. Honestly, I do not know why I write in the journal at all.

So, as a prompt, explore the art of listening and see where that leads you. Be aware the more you write, the more writing will claim and consume you. Creativity is like a raptor, once it has its claws in you, it will never release you.

I am grateful:

  1.   I can create.
  2.   My teachers encouraged me to find my voice.
  3.   I vacuumed a little, still have more to do

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. It is my pleasure to provide something to entertain and hopefully inspire or encourage you. You may click the follow button, or come back as you like. Remember you are the only individual that can offer your gifts, qualities to the world. Take good care of yourself and be careful and aware when you make your daily rounds. All God’s Best to You, Now and Always.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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