Manifesto (Read at Your Own Risk)


Has there not been enough hate,
Murder, war, death
In the name of causes which
Instead of leading to love
Cause decimation, ruin,
Destroy friendships, marriages,
Childhoods, countries, resources,
Make paupers of everyone.

I am not convinced
Anyone rightfully spits
Upon another
Or roughs someone up a bit
Or impugns character with
No intimate knowledge of
The conditions under which
A person must struggle to
Continue a given life.

Spouting prejudice
Yet denying it exists
Due to history
Even of oppression is
Only fueling the fire
Burning civilization
Down, the inferno needs no
Encouragement, hungry,
It devours all decency.

This current age is
One where eradication
Of poverty can
Occur, possibilities
Of universal schooling
For all earth’s denizens are
Real, if differences can
Be laid aside, equality
Given with loving freedom.

There is no justification
For condemnation of individuals
Based on a stereotype, creed, religious
Persuasion, skin tone, sexual orientation,
Body image, or any choice or difference.
People are beautiful, so worthy of love,
Understanding, opportunity, growth,
Tenderness, kindness, generosity,
Love is the purpose; love is the reason,
Love is the freedom; love is humanity,
It must be claimed and shared
For, after all, love is destiny.

I am a Christian, those of you who read regularly know this. I struggle with thoughts of damnation, doubt. The only privilege from my profession is that Christ bled for me that I might be redeemed as I am. Today I was accused of religious privilege. I do not even begin to know what that means. My faith is not only a blessing, but it is also a torment. Too much information, sorry.

As a prompt, explore a topic you feel strongly about, then create something from that exploration. A leading question might be, who am I and who do others think I am and should I take action to reconcile the viewpoints if they are opposed.

I am grateful:

  1.   My son, Alex, called this evening.
  2.   Even though I have cried a lot today, I was able to write this.
  3.   There is a song called, “We All Bleed The Same.”
  4.   The house looks decent, oh, just don’t view Mom’s room, it is still hard to go in there.
  5.   I made up my medications for the next three weeks, such fun.
  6.   I straightened out the covers and made up the bed.
  7.   Even though the mass is growing, my dog, Hope, is still here.

Tomorrow is Saturday; if you have the day off get out in nature, or town, awhile. A change of environment can lift the spirits and feed your creative genius. If you cannot get out, spend some time listening to music you love. Life is a challenge and if we can add joy to it, we should.

I hope you are reading this year. We learn so much from the creations and opinions of others. This gigantic world is full of information, and though no one can know it all, we can at least indulge in a little of the ocean.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. I am so glad you took time to read my musings. If you would like, click the follow button, if not, please come back again. Never let one person have such power over you that they destroy your day or your life. You are worthy of love and respect. All of us are precious. Employ your creativity as much as possible and try to keep a smile on your face. Most people are good, but be aware, be careful, and trust your gut. I hope you remain safe from danger and enjoy all the happiness you can hold. God Bless You, Everyday, Everyway, Forever and Always.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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