Through Tears, Encouragement

Somehow we have to hang on.
Don’t ask me how
because my grip is fading.
Remember though,
if we are not strong
enough to go on,
the world we made
will disappear, and those
we love will never know
who they could be
with us at their sides.
Maybe, we can hope,
the world will be a little
more grounded, a little
more real, have a little
more love because
we are willing to grapple
reality and pin it down.
We can make it what it
has to be for us to
keep on, keeping on.
We are not cowards
because we hurt,
we are oceans of tears
that wash away the evil
and redeem it in love
that is stronger than
the giants that oppose us.
No matter, we are
the victors, because we
create what will drive us
through the future and
banish the pain, a ghost
we refuse to allow to haunt.
All the unhappiness
is a shade, passing before
the window, hiding the light,
but the Son, the love
remains, we just have
to dispel the shadow.
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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