Epic Perspective

I have debated posting this poem. My heart is there, my mind is willing, but I know there are those who will have a very adverse reaction to what it says. Generally, when it comes to creativity, I am faithful to what is given me. If I stop, if I choke back the words and do not deliver them to the world, the flow may be staunched forever. So, love or hate it, I wrote it, I believe it, and I release it to its home.


Epic Perspective

When God was welcome
The guns stayed in the pickups
On racks, doors unlocked
In high school parking lots, safe,
Our parents would not have stood
For our taking them inside
One peep from a teacher, man,
The heavy leather belt would
Have left impressions on hide.
We said the pledge each morning
We knew ours was one nation
Under God, and He was there
Because He had not been banished
By people so full of hate
They fought a child’s right to pray.
There was Sunday School and Church,
Prayer Meeting, Choir, Saying grace,
Hallelujahs, Amens, bedside prayers,
Healing prayer for family, friends.
We knew Moms and Dads asked for
Guidance and we learned to do it, too,
Neighbors shared garden produce
And were a close-knit community.
There might be bullies, but you
Never dreamed they would kill you
And they would not, they loved you
They just had a mixed up way to show.
Today’s kids, many know nothing
Of Jesus, prayer, love, because
The devil has designs on
Our country’s heart, mind, and soul
And he is an evil destroyer
Who hates every single human
He attempts to steal our lives,
He is a dirty criminal
Who turns one against another
Fanning misunderstanding
Into a raging wildfire of hate.
You might say there is no God,
Have you forgotten back then?
He was with us in our schools,
Near us when we sat to eat,
His presence dear and welcome,
Life was not easy, but still,
We made it through, I believe,
Because Jesus was with us
Protecting us, keeping us safe.
Sure bad things did happen, but
There was a community of Christ
To help, support, pray us through.
God Is Not Dead, but He waits,
For open invitation
Into our public places,
To be asked into our days.
I have committed to be
Who He wants me to be and
I will sometimes fall far short
But He does not ask us to
Be perfect, but to allow
Him to create perfection in us.
Will you give Jesus a chance?
Creation and eternity await,
Give grace, faith, and hope a chance.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Saturday, February 17, 2018

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