Short, short


I spent time with a friend of mine on Saturday, during the afternoon and evening. It was a joyous occasion. I wrote a poem through the night hours of Saturday morning, but I am uncertain of its reception, so I shall hang on to it and ponder whether I should post.

These are “Brain Dump Notebook” jottings. You might be surprised I can write short.

Creatives often ignore the rules, because they are exploring uncharted territory where accepted norms do not apply.

When you read the quotes of history’s greats, you learn the human condition has always presented tremendous challenges, requiring creativity, intellectual curiosity, tenacity, courage, and stamina to achieve success.

Sometimes sadness, depression, fear, overtake me, but I love you guys. My world glows a little brighter because of each of you.

If the road is not
Leading you where you would like
Get off, blaze a trail,
Maybe others will follow;
You may pioneer alone.


I am grateful:

  1.   My son is no longer in school and has acquired training from the U.S. Marine Corps allowing him to adequately defend himself and those around him.
  2.   Books, reading, and writing. This is repetitious, but my life would be incomplete without those.
  3.   I have been single again so long that I am at peace with it.
  4.   Face to face interaction with a friend is a tonic to the soul.
  5.   I am learning, my ideas of how others think and feel about me can be distorted, and I should make an effort to find out the truth from the source.
  6.   People do nice things.
  7.   My sweet puppy dog, Hope, is still here.

As a prompt, you are creative, you have wisdom within, make up some quotes of your own to share. If you are artistic, illuminate them.

Thank you for reading. I hope you will follow or come back when you are available. Remember creativity and love partner; express your dynamic vision in the world with such enthusiasm and tenderness, others are encouraged to change, succeed, or continue because of your example. We are lights, we are not snuffed by the shadows, we brighten the darkness, allowing others to find their pathway. It will not be ours, but theirs as individuals enabled through our inspiration. Be careful out there. Hold on to your hope, love, and joy; the world needs you. God Bless and Keep You, Everyday, Everyway, Forever and Always.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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