Make It, Now, Today

When you are busy
Chasing life with all you have
Remember someone
Is missing your smiling eyes
The precious sound of your voice
Your footsteps echoing down
Hallways you once frequented.

Maybe you think, later then,
Tomorrow there will be time
Aplenty to share yourself,
But sometimes unexpected
Things occur, especially
In times like these, where nothing
Is certain but that life is
A breath, a heartbeat, fragile,
Too easily lost, then gone.

No one is promised moments
Beyond a present which may
End without sign or warning;
Every opportunity
You have to share your love, do,
Hug tight, hold hands, snuggle close,
Read, laugh, sing, talk, share secrets,
Whisper sweet words together,
Build memories to endure
The test of time because you
Can never know if you will
Meet again, this side of Heaven.

Life is busy, yes,
Money is very nice, too,
But all that matters,
Is lasting and real for us,
Is the love we share one with
Another, because we are home;
We belong to each other.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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