The temptation to go without doing this today was strong, but the promise to myself was stronger. I need to wait, no longer. I hope you will give me a chance because I think it worth your effort.


The day is not free
We pay for every moment,
Birds nest on a tree.

Not many birds about as the cold has come locking us in again. At least there was no rain. The dogs were pleased to stay dry on their walks, as was I.


Coming back into
The self, letting go sorrow
Finding enough strength
To continue this journey
Wherever it leads, alone.

Knowing, alone is
A proof-ground for mastery
Of self, gifts, talents,
For quiet is the practice
Which certifies confidence.

Often it is found
A challenge to be engaged
In social mingling,
People may withdraw, begin
Coaxing creativity.

Conversation draws
Energy from inward force,
Dissipates vigor;
Unless there is a great love
And sharing fills the empty.

Still building goes on,
There is a piece, part, searching
For a matching bit,
Sure to complete the puzzle
Sought in all times, everywhere.


The reading is going well. I hope you are finding your life most enjoyable. Many blessing to you for health, happiness, inspiration, and prosperity.

I have proofing tomorrow, so that is good.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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