I did not think I would find it in me to do any more work today. I am not well settled with myself, and I am sorry if it disturbs you to know this. Worry not. Days are challenges, always, just some tear at me worse than others. I was reading and realized a poem wanted to be. For me, when the words shimmer and trill, I better busy myself, or I will be more ill than ill. So be it…


The graceful leap of ideas –

Casting lures aptly baited
With irresistible word
Gathered, (stolen), from dragon hordes
And memorized vocabulary of
Spelling Bees.
Late nights, (early hours), spent
Flashlight reading
Under covers fresh warm surround,
Pouring over dictionaries, encyclopedias,
Maps, travel brochures, thesauruses,
As many as would be found.
Studying Bible verses and ancient poets
Until meaning is engraved on who one is,
Seeking images, highlights, making
Adventure in every visited space,
Harmonies, lyrics, melodies lightly stored,
Every experience questioned, explored,
Each day providing, proving mystery,
Reasons, motives, dissected, laid bare.
Love throughout it all, yet doubt, fear,
Dual vines growing untempered,
But love more potent than any adversary
Filling heart, mind, soul with those
Sensibilities needed to become complete –
Writing the poems acquired for the desire
Of the choosing to sufficiently compete.

An instrument, malleable, beloved
Desiring to encourage, inspire, love,
Through the application of gifts.


I am most fortunate. There is much for which to be grateful, many graces we never realize. It is my hope that all of you remain safe and well. That you take this time while some things take a time-out to renew relationships and do some of the things you often don’t but enjoy.

Maybe the lesson for us is appreciation, sometimes we are so caught up we lose sight of blessings. Gratitude is a beautiful way to honor love and life.

Create. Creativity is destiny.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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