Unexpected Blessing

It has come to this,
Moreso than ever before
Every wake-up, we
Celebrate, because we are
Here, we again SURVIVED!
Our incredible
Year makes hours precious,
Priceless, dear, each moment
A miracle beyond the norm;
No expectation of
Far-reaching futures spooling
Out on Earth endlessly.
To search out a happiness
Needed in the present course,
We have called
“Cease Fire”
On anything unnecessarily
Negative, anyone abusive,
All government intrusion,
Unprofitable illusions,
Has overcome complications.
Is become a Whole World
Pulling together for life,
Standing as ONE,
We are completely inclined
To feeling overwhelming love
For all, there is, and one another,
Working together to save and heal
What we are able, the planet changes
With our consistent hope
And constant prayers,
The Lord hears,
Restores much
And will wipe away
Our tears.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I wrote this in the night-time morning hours of today. Several days ago, the prompt on Prompted Positive Poetry was “Cease Fire.” I think I liberated it a bit, but you may realize I tend to do such.

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