This ground stands beneath
Us a platform not knowing
How the flowers grow,
It needs not always be one
Way, many futures collide.

Outside is only
Inside/out and celebrate,
For old is just young
With the experience to be
Whoever we will become.

Future hope? Yes, why not?
We are agents of changing
Unlimited originality
Speckled with stardust, moonshine.

Come here, no look there,
Space-Time is not all to be,
Hidden emplacements
Enhance and draw damper on
What lies in tomorrow’s brain.

Do not talk at us,
Involve who is and might be,
Reality caves
Because it is perhaps an illusion
More to come than this appears.

Years, there have been some
But stored in ample quantities
Are more, many futures,
We ride the storm, born to it,
Alive to roll victories through.

Dark encroaches, but we stomp
What does not nourish us, we are
Strong, abundant, growing, well,
There is life, light, LOVE, both
Behind and ahead, future we see, glad.


The prompt for the PAD Challenge on Poetic Asides today is “Future.” I wrote another poem, it was not, so I wrote this one. Whatever – sometimes plans alter belief.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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