Ever So…

My house is somewhat
Unacceptable, a mess,
But it is also
Home, where I can be, do, dream,
The magics living inside.
I have my treasures
Which no one else so measures,
But they keep me here
On Earth where it is hard to
Want to be sometimes for me.
I am alone here,
But my house delivers welcome
When I need holding,
All life encapsulated
In this home where I create.
My body, my home,
Tattered, threadbare, torn, worn, wraps
Me into this living
All the pain, I overcome,
My house shelters, helps, supplies,
It is so peaceful
Here within these careful walls
The dogs and I are
Safe and have space enough to
Enjoy being within my house.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The prompt at Prompted Positive Poetry today is “My House.”

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