Forms in Expression

Those of you who knew I was following prompts earlier this month may wonder what happened. Often I try to pursue things, and my creativity goes, “Aw Nah, this is not doable. Pick another design.” So I am set back on my own devices. My originality does not like to conform. So, there you go if you had a thought about it.

Today, I have little short forms.

What tomorrow holds
Today can only guess, not know,
Each moment bestows
Its own opportunity
For those who choose to grasp it.

Love may strike and steal
Hearts captured in a net of
Passion and desire.

Voices whisper small
Secrets guarded by delight
As love takes today.

Twilight ambles near
Relinquishing the sunlight
As shadows dance, play.

The words unspoken
Almost slip smooth tasty
Off the tongue but
Instead are swallowed burning
Feeding hunger’s inferno.

What we never ask
Always remains a question,
Gifts may fade away.

Life is a palace
Filled with grandeur and delight,
But sometimes it hides
In the tedium of mundanity,
We invest in happiness.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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