Outside In

While sitting in bed
This view I often admire,
Even when rain falls
It brightens, deepens colors
Giving assurance of life.

There are days the power of living seems beyond our strength. Then we reach into our chests to massage our hearts and set lightning to our minds to galvanize our thoughts. Overcoming is then a mustering of the will, for we shall not surrender giving up the light. Love, we are crusaders for beating back the encroaching night.

Had we not witnessed others who kept up the fight, we might have fallen by the wayside. Many have created work amid the devastation of life’s catastrophes, and now we experience their harvest. It motivates us to succeed.

We are whoever
We can be in the moment
Not always by choice.

This moment thrusts us
Into what lies before us
Sometimes unprepared.

Happiness is huge
A state we negotiate
In our agile minds.

A note on the formatting: This post was done sitting in bed on my cell phone. If the spacing is distorted, that is the reason.

I hope each of you is well. If you wish, follow Haphazard Creative, if you rather, return as you can. Comments are always welcome. God bless you all.

©Jo Ann J. A. Jordan.

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