Subject to Lift

There grew a simple garden
Under nature’s wholesome care
Time was given plenty to nurture
The various elements well and fair.
Features grew as were expected
Coming beneath moon and sun of age
The seasons arriving in the turn
Of many a numbered page.
Though seldom, laughter danced
For those finest fairest moments;
Tears wrought lines with depth
To fruit character slowly granted
In the structure of a malleable face.
Love became a staff of life
A giving of God’s sweet grace,
Every day brings in passing
An emerging opportunity
Where knowledge can be
Harvested, settling in the deepness
Comprehended passionately,
Becoming fruit, a person soulfully.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


This poem is in answer to Prompted Positive Poetry’s prompt, “Fruit.” If you were to see the draft I wrote in the notebook, you might be tempted to ask, “What the __________ happened?” It is unusual for something to morph like this did. I enjoyed the challenge.

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