Will Strives

We were trying to
Find our way back to normal
When we realized,
Normal was a place never
Seen in ordinary days.
Things always veered
From high to low, in between,
We were never sure
What our day would deliver,
The weather shuffled cards.
We learned promises
Were often kept with less stress
When we invested
Belief and trust in those who
Exact expectations.
Resolutions made
Were to love like tomorrow
Might not come, share what
We had, as best as we could,
Better than yesterday.
Our futures may dawn
In measure, outside control,
But faith meets each day
Knowing the present moment
Bloom as sunshine or rain.
There are only uncertainties;
We will shout for victories,
Buckle down in pain,
Tackle opportunities
Winning over and again.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan




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