Tanka and Haiku (Again)


Balancing Heaven,
Earth with kindness, love, prayer,
Know God’s blessings
Graciously bestowed upon
Us will always continue.


Life is a blessing
Given every one of us
To cultivate love
Filtered by grace into each
Situation we may face.


Music is living
The everyday, everything,
Holding loving hearts.


Love is a challenge
We take eyes open, minds full,
Giving all we have.


You are giving me
The heart to face life again,
A swan on water.


Most believe life flows,
Wherever it must take us,
A breeze through treetops.


When hope becomes all
You possess, nothing real much
Matters anymore.


Extraordinary –
Alone, is a desert wasteland,
With you, a garden
Bountiful, delightful, lush,
We find ourselves, then others.


I hope creation is going well for all of you. May you be blessed with inspiration.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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