The evident need
Such necessary want can
Shake all the senses
From ordinary moments
Toward a new ecstasy.
Where is paradise
But in love’s vibrant gaze?
The one who never
Blinks or looks away when words
Forbidden aloud we say.
If the body, soul,
Bared to curiosity
Is soon accepted
With tender assurance, touch,
Affection grows inasmuch.
Hearts render themselves
Willing to join, ignoring
Pain’s possibility
In order to gifts obtain
Of love’s dearest devotion.
The risk seems a price
Worth spending in completion
If it may secure
The love of another who
Delights life with happiness,
Need, want, become one apace
Welcoming beloved embrace.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Every house, a home,
Each animal beloved,
All persons cherished,
The bellies kept fed and full,
No one left alone in dread.

Author: Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My life has gone through some rapid changes of which I had no control so I am now trying to find new purpose and meaning. There is an adventure in this and I am excited to move forward.

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