What May Be

There is a complexity
A complication though free
To love’s grande intricacy.
Appearance, availability,
Costs, mood, place, state, time,
Almost everything must align
For romance, and still a variable
Unrecognized at the first
Might unbalance the combination
Causing the love affair to fail.

Sometimes though a voice heard,
Eyes meeting across a room,
An accidental melding of minds,
And the magic happens
Making some people say,
“Love is a fool and blind.”

Now, ever how you find it
Make yourself the time
To allow your heart the reins
Your mind to feel its pleasure,
For surely it is worth some trouble
To entertain the sublime;
A love that makes you happy
And a little crazy sometimes.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.07.04 Carousel Horses rr

What do you have to say about love, do you see it all rosy, or contentious? As a prompt, explore your thoughts and feelings and create something how you will.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you are having a glorious Independence Day if you are in the USA, and if you are elsewhere, I hope the best of happiness finds you. You may follow the site by making use of the button, or should you better like, come back when able.


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