The Occasion of Becoming 57


I am the one who is real
Enough you feel me in the room
Even though I keep a distance
Between the breaths that pulse,
Our lives existing here, this time.
My lightness rimmed in shadow
Hard to comprehend, understand,
Left alone, a ringing voice, clear
Crystal, like water reverb, falling,
Tinkling clarion bells announcing
Events to which everyone is welcome.
The sweet aroma on the fresh breeze
Being myself, almost, yet not me
Because the well is deeper, wider,
I know not how to plunge, emerge,
I reach the stars and still soaring
Never come home to be housed,
I walk the spaces, other embracing places
Of times disremembered, unrecorded,
In the echo caverns of my wandering mind.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Love, if I had it
Like a stone, firey, lit, smoky,
Flowing like a fair fountain
Not accounted with foundation
But a wild gift, surging freedom
Sprightly on a brisk bracing breeze
Never to be captured, kept,
A mystery, calling always
For my energy, all of me
To run unhampered
Over miles with

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Should be old enough for calm
Sedate, quiet, unassuming,
Ah, you read me wrong
The race still calls me
I should tarry, but
My muscles ache
To find more
And so I am
Now off apace
Quick to find a path
Away into the distance
Where I may surely climb
To heights so far unconquered
Making them finally mine to own.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


It is with a full heart
I come upon this day
Which so often I came
Near missing, slipping
Into the deep silence
That does not ever allow
Voices to relay their thanks.
Another year, and what there
Is to show for the effort
Of survival and the witness
Left of growth, I show,
Many a word, verse, rhyme
And a deed or two of merit,
But most dear friends
The evidence that I remain
Surviving and pleased
I made another revolution
Fruition of enchanted
Love blessed days.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I guess I will relieve you of the burden of reading further my celebrations, incantations, prayers of being alive at this fine juncture in my personal evolution. Forgive me, for birthdays come but once a year, and God has amply blessed me that I am still here. It is a certifiable miracle, and that is why I cheer.



What May Be

There is a complexity
A complication though free
To love’s grande intricacy.
Appearance, availability,
Costs, mood, place, state, time,
Almost everything must align
For romance, and still a variable
Unrecognized at the first
Might unbalance the combination
Causing the love affair to fail.

Sometimes though a voice heard,
Eyes meeting across a room,
An accidental melding of minds,
And the magic happens
Making some people say,
“Love is a fool and blind.”

Now, ever how you find it
Make yourself the time
To allow your heart the reins
Your mind to feel its pleasure,
For surely it is worth some trouble
To entertain the sublime;
A love that makes you happy
And a little crazy sometimes.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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What do you have to say about love, do you see it all rosy, or contentious? As a prompt, explore your thoughts and feelings and create something how you will.

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Four Seasons Mine

I was a bream on
Summer days when boats on lakes
Did drown in radiant sun,
I scantily clothed did ski upon
The surface of olive waters.
I was a part-way-er
In the glorious golden ruby
Of Fall when bedded
In fresh fallen leaves lying
On fading brittle grass.
As Winter came, a storm,
I was a bundle scarcely knowable
For layers framed me in;
Snow, though seldom, was my friend
With its kind spherical men.
When Spring sang love aloud
I was called from my long idle
Embracing the soil, sky, clouds,
That brought me smudged to be washed
After hours of running wild, a rush.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.06.06. bright leaves edited



Too much, all too soon,
Yet, just exactly what is
Needed, less than is
Properly wanted to fill
A heart, broken and remade.

Giving the last ounce
Then finding the well still full
Love overflowing goes
But answers are ungiven,
Wonders often blissful grow.

Power unsettles
The expectation of who
We may finally
Become when embraced, taken
Near the heart’s loving center.

The future, forward
Like a hidden legacy,
Wrapping lives into
Togetherness unforeseen,
Unsettling obstinacy.

An unselfish gift
Still returns, rebounds, resounds
To bring happiness
Which fills deserted spaces
Uplifts reality.

In the middle of
A life fully out of sync
With its sweet gift of loving
May make the movements complete.

Too much, all too soon,
Yet, just exactly what is
Needed, less than is
Probably wanted to fill
A heart, broken, then recast.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The Wednesday Prompt 521 at Poetic Asides, I think, the website is redone, is an “Unsettled” poem. This poem is a series of Tanka joined.

Today has been a nerve-wracking day because someone got into my bank account. I decided I did not wish to do that unsettled. When your life depends on numbers when someone messes with it, it is spooky.

I hope you enjoy my little poem. If you like what you find here, look around a bit, and if you choose, follow the site, or return when you may.