You stole my heart
Without any reason,
But an opportune appearance
On an ordinary evening –
When loneliness was
Breaking life wide open,
Threatening a rain of tears.

The vacancy sign was faded,
The chambers needing airing,
Webbing in the corners
Where light lost definition
Could be poorly assessed.

You sauntered in
With a smile so clearly meant –
It swept what lingered
Out and renewed confidence
In pristine style and I was
Only left speechless with no
Inkling of love going wild,
How it could fill our days
With the pleasant haze
Of sweet romance given
A windfall chance making
Life a dance of wonder
No matter where we wander.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Whatever you create, imbue it with the wonder that keeps you alive.

Willing Walls

Every rock feels like a wall
Weighted on the edges fit
To gloss right over
Enjambment holding words, lines
Together sentenced inside
The poem, river stones
Smoothed yet separated like
Those who secrets keep
Under mounds stacked much
Higher than maybe any desire.

Constant, no buyer
For the passions readily
Acquired under siege
Of rolling onslaught, bolder
Than before romance tendered.

The song, melodious surrender,
Now love, revoke the walls built
On forgotten dreams
Turn to see what such fascination
Means as inspiration – flames –
Creativity, freedom inclination,
No mystery tearing down
Careful barriers
Constructed to prohibit feral
Growth as if nothing is enough.

Love is no stone though
One might throw, causing ripples
On the surface, it seems time
Is only these shared moments,
All other becomes deprivation extreme,
A heart can be open
Or remain as hard as a stone;
The bedrock alone
Challenged with an anomalous difference
Which may be given and shown,
Love is and becomes the soul’s true home.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Spring Ascends

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Flowering Quince

The sky begins to grin
Laughter in breezes licking
Blooms, buds, emerging all over,
Birds try Mozart on the wing
Welcoming the joys of Spring.
Lawnmowers come out of
Their retirement finding
They can roar and slash
Again, demolish growth and grass;
The turning wheel of time
Season to season leaving,
Joining creation in multiplication.
Children beg for outside time
Adults encourage homework
Completed, then recreation;
Grills abandon covers, gathering
Fuel, beginning a slow-burn –
Coaxing the best of flavors
Out of all types of meat.
Sandals, shorts, sundresses
In dizzying colors appear
Draping girls, women everywhere.
Boys, men put aside much hiding
For muscles viewed in shorts, tanks
Enjoying nature’s fabulous celebration.
Maybe time, even with its imperfections
Hollers out opportune possibilities
As LOVE makes its many advances.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Arisen, Arighted

The heart within me
Beating with the light of love,
Though left all alone,
To face the fear, carry through,
Be much more than I can do.
Holed up, held at bay
Unable to face another day;
Yet, I hide the pain,
Lift myself from covers warm
Heed the day, for I was born
Not to quail in storm
To engage my plight over
Adversity prevail
In terror’s coffin, place nails
Somehow grasp strength, overcome.
In a voice drawn from
Heroes of the distant past
Firmly standing now,
I become a dignified need,
To in this moment, succeed.
Still, the sword maintains
Its vigil over my life
At any time, can
Fall, but I shall have faith, grace
Freely given, shall keep me safe.
The heart within me
Beating with the light of love,
Though left all alone,
To face the fear, carry through,
Be much more than I can do.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Personify your feelings in something creative. If you wish, share your product with the world.

I am thankful:
In the darkness of emotion, love breaks through.
Winter is, then Spring.
Freedom still has a hold.
Somehow, I persevere.
Delight forsakes day, parties into the night.

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Hey, Hey, GoodBye – Welcome Hello

2020 is almost over. It is a year most of us are glad to transition from into a new year. Many of us have suffered extreme losses. The coronavirus put a pall over much of our normality. Death and loss have become daily companions.

There are reasons to hope that 2021 will bring more healthful and prosperous times. There are vaccines for the virus which will become available for many in the coming months. As there are more travel and commerce, the economy should recover.

As we advance, new and better habits will improve lives. Writing every day gives an outlet for dreams, goals, and practices. Journaling develops voice and facility with language. Creation in the visual arts can teach patience and process.

Calm and quiet help deal with chaos and discomfort. Reading is an excellent learning tool and enjoyable entertainment. Seeing characters deal with adversity can facilitate hope.

On a personal note: I am beginning a new journal and closing the book on 2020. There have been bad and good, but I am spending this evening with Richard, who is very dear. We became close during this year of extremes.

I hope all of you celebrate this thing called life because it, today, are what is given to us. Find someone or something you love and give yourself to it. Being happy is a right, and love is a reason.

Ring out 2020, bring on 2021. May the coming days be a blessing for all of us.

I think I will be carrying on my Creativity Project for another year. Do you have a 365?

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you will follow or return. If you have comments, encouragement, or inspiration to share, all are welcome.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan