Can We?

2020.07.04 Wagon in Snow Illustration rr

Can we give whole, a heart,
When our heart lies broken,
Shackled, shattered, torn?
Can we be free, when society
Enslaves us with cares, delusions,
Demands, restrictions, rules?
Can we love with full commitment;
When lovers stand shadows every eve,
Thick blood still pouring from internal wounds?
We can, we must, because we need
The reprieve we find through one another.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Just a heads up for those who may wonder, all the writing, artwork, photography, commentary, prompts, you find on Haphazard Creative is my creation. I may not always mark it, but still, it is mine.

If you need a prompt, see what you might derive from the above photo. That is a Radio Flyer from some years ago. Today I wish it would snow. Summer pains me. Anyway, get yourself out of the way and create something. Creation is an act of personal transformation and just possibly salvation from despair and dissolution.

Thank you for visiting, if you found something likable or inspiring here, please follow Haphazard Creative or just make an intention to return in the future. Be forever welcome to leave comments, comments are like chocolate, and I am a chocolate fiend.

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