Love is NOT
For cowards,
Nor those who THINK
It always fine.
LOVE can be
Rough & nasty
If one EXPECTS of
It TOO much.
It is a give & take,
Sometimes, at the START
It is OVER – DONE,
Others, in the END, it
Turns around, BEGINS.

Love is a pleasure
BEYOND understanding,
A PAIN which
Devastates heart & soul.
When we find it
We are MOST fortunate,
Upon losing love, we
DISSOLVE in gusts of emotion.
It is forever SOUGHT,
Beyond every price,
Love cannot be BOUGHT
But is FREELY given.
Its COST the entrance FEE
To the wonder of Heaven,
Its LOSS a sorrowful
Sword wound, mortally felt.
We all ASPIRE to gift in love
The BEST of who we can be, are,
And share each PRECIOUS hour
In making BETTER all the rest.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Sometimes I write in my journal to get the words down, and then all the formatting changes when I bring it to text. Also, I work out words and add clarifications that were missing. For me, typing work has always been another creative phase.

I wonder, is it like that for you? What is your process? If you need a prompt, you could create work that illustrates your process.

I am taking a home day today, without going anywhere. Going out is so exhausting, and I require the nurture of my space. I do find that since I have been in so much isolation, interacting with people is ever more precious and delightful.

I am almost over my tantrum about the Block Editor. Still, I am far from fond of it, but this is mine, and I will keep going.

I include the journal draft, just because! I did so much with this; it seems to me it might be worth you seeing. I usually edit much less. I have often thought of myself as a one-off poet – Times change. I love to play with spacing and line breaks. Type fascinates me.

I think I have been irascible this week because I had both the flu and initial Zoster shingles shots last week and have felt, not entirely myself. Exhaustion has wreaked havoc on me, because I am almost always a go, go, do, do, do person as far as energy.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative, please follow the site, or come back again. May many blessings find you and may you stay well.

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