Hope to Give

I want to take you
To all the places you have
Never guessed or known,
Show you all the magic of
The simplest “I don’t know,”
Teach you how to find yourself
In the universe of love
Which pure passion has imparted.
Take your hand and lead you
To places happiness never departed,
Encourage you to live again without
The sting of being continuously haunted.
Everyone deserves a current love without fail,
Forever is not a crazy imaginary fairytale –
It can be coaxed, drawn, made wholesale.

Implications Poetical

It is tough to be a poet –
Subject to blame, complaints,
And yet, hard it is not,
Because poets have everything:
Hate, love; form, free; evil, good;
Lovely, ugly; all the words from
Every age, language, in attendance –
Dancing in creativity blessed brains
Ready to make entrance and appear
Marching lines upon the pristine page.
Do not lament the dejected lot
Of one whose choice is to be a poet
For a more nuanced definition can not
Come to pass than such blessed
Omen as to claim the identity
Of a writer of poetry.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As a prompt, explore your creative outlet, do work that gives insight into its benefits and hazards. Share or not, as you like.

What can you do to incite your productivity? Consider doing this.

Gratitude List

I am thankful:

  1. Service at Ford fixed my Check Engine Light so it could pass emissions.
  2. I carried twenty bags of cans to the dumpster a ways away.
  3. I got the Explorer’s emissions done.
  4. I managed to finally navigate the tax site so tags are paid.
  5. I have been extremely productive in my creative output lately.

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