Snatches of Aether

Not falling apart,
Falling into His purpose –
Embraced in His grace.


This time the magic
Slithers further away, each,
Every day, we try
To grasp the LOVE anyway,
Before life disintegrates.
At times a smile gives
A way to brighten all who
Fall beneath the pall
Of crushing conditions, which
Refuse to e v a p o r a t e;
Others compel us
To wait for circumstances
Improving with hope,
Often finding our dreams ran
Off with water down storm drains.

When you notice me
I realize my fears lie
Love knows where I am;
You hug me close, hope balloons
Cruising past the clouds in love.

Desperation here
Howling with coyote wind
Sweeping up the dust
Of moments we failed to trust,
It shivers cold over us.

The goldfish google –
Eyed reminds us of ages
Sweetest innocence.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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