Where the dream falls apart
And our pieces are gathered
Though there be stormy weather
One finds what is hidden – matters –
In the days, events, times given,
A beauty of souls, phenomenal part.
Here to premiere such talent,
Extremely important, past, now,
The time we are sore prepared to welcome
But must live, learning to steer the craft,
Leaning so the raft not capsize
Plunging us to be molested by the waves
Uncaring influence, with due diligence
We enter the depths altogether surrounded.
There exists no up, no down, and prayer,
We cry, hoping we find grace in
A timely, beneficial reply – though –
In a heartache, we wonder if in wandering,
We each turned too far aside, too insensitive,
For the Lord in His mercy to arrive,
Make His presence known for one,
Alone, if it matters, this life to abide.
How we must each together
Summon the gumption to recall –
One is never only, all creation,
Every population supports who
We trust ourselves to be,
We must learn the lesson, LOVE,
Is greater than individuality –
The Fruit of God – purposefully.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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