This hour will not last
The past hurtles forward to
Swallow all the light
Shining lovingly from eyes
Lately discovered, adored.
Still, the music thrills
Into nearly forgetting
These moments passing
Dreamily caressing  hope
Convinced time will always wait.
Patience – mythology –
Oblivion draws cuddling close –
Whispers into ears
Prepared to believe minute
Dishonesty if love paints
Itself in bright hues
Beguiling and beautiful
Enough to dispel
Doubt all wants are made to need
Flesh becomes a solution
For uncovered greed
Never expressed, politeness
All fall for such long
Beginnings, story inspired,
With no ending together.
Lives bound shiver, shine,
Entwined with bonds otherwise
Escaped to show one
Burning full ready alone
To search out a safe real home.
All hours hurry fast,
Love lasting, the only thing
Humans past, present,
Tomorrow, evermore woo,
Reality creates romance,
Forever and forever.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This was typed in on the tablet as I sat in bed, so the spacing is off. The lines should not have space between them. I wrote it in my journal first, but it underwent significant revisions...

I may correct the spacing or no. When done with things, I usually let them stand. There is a strong temptation to do like Leonardo and never stop adding, subtracting until all remains incomplete. (I corrected the spacing)

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