Gathered Pieces

Every one of the following stands as a separate unit. Some are haiku; some are free verse. I often doodle verses on Facebook that do not get here. This mix is like that and from my journal.

Each one turned around,
Walked as far as could away,
Tears haunt me today.

You left me in tears
After all these many years,
You still break my heart.

I keep planting seeds
The soil and rain must nurture
And make the fruit grow.

What you do not know
Someone else cannot always
Reveal so clearly,
You must find, learn, for yourself.

I was sure it would
Never happen, but I stand
Here and totally.

When the time is right
You find what makes the most of
Your life and living.

Hearts sketched in pen and ink,
Is this all we have become
In the fading of our days?
I think we still must possess
Desire enough to help make
The world a better place for us
And those meant to come.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As a prompt, just canoodle with your imagination, engage your creativity, and let be what comes of the snuggling.

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