Outlined In Ink

I can be your someone,
Or disappear as nobody at all.
Sudden moments I shine,
Mostly I fade into space.
We can share secrets openly,
Or I could hide the heart of me.
I will tell you my rhymes, stories,
But if you wish, I quiet will provide.
My tears are often misunderstood,
If found laughing, all is good.
Wherever I am, beloved, is home,
I never care to roam while alone.
Age does not matter, time – just numbers,
So often waylaid by a random thought, lost.
Love is the reason I was made,
Faith, hope, openness, trust, persuade.
Life is an unequaled adventure; wild, free,
Chasing knowledge, understanding, belief.
Only today is the heart of the matter,
So during hours, my passions, loves, I chase.
If I lose perhaps a new day, I shall win,
If I am gone, maybe I may come again.
I can be your someone,
Or disappear as nobody at all.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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