The sails are paper-thin
The boat afloat in the wind
Tossed about by frothing waves
Days fast passing, a coming of age,
No slowing, nor stopping, keep coping,
With the turning, another completed page;
The calendar with its blotted stains
Marks the passage, victories, and pains.

Shining faces graced by sweetest smiles,
Blessings, dreams, hopes continually persist,
Never obsolete, out of fashion or style.

The paper sails of fragile ships set
Upon streams to weather storms
Tack away from all extremes
Which threaten the mercurial existence
Of a future freely brought by invention,
With creativity, heart, and intuition
Souls dance love, meaning, gentleness,
Composing lives, elements of all that is.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My son, Alex, is here to spend a few days.
I warmed the house enough, I can wear a tee-shirt.
Work was done on the theme here.
Had an M&M Blizzard today.
Just thankful for blessings.

If you are not already doing the practice of noting your gratitude, I suggest you do it. It is a buoyant practice.

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Second-Hand, Not

A love second-hand
Is not, because new feelings,
Different persons;
Trigger genuine effects
Never encountered before.
The distance between
Past, present, a vast ocean,
Cruised far beyond
The knowns of close acquaintance
Seeking safety, loyalty.
Love, sweet tenderness,
Chosen with care, discernment,
To become cherished comfort,
Stability, each hour, day.
Love, open passion
Making life a dream come true
Entangled, fresh, two.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: How do you feel about love? What do you know of it? Can you describe it in your words? Answer one or all of these questions, either in language or artwork.

I am grateful:

Writing has been less complicated in the last few days.
I have a lined journal again.
I have good taste.
I love reading.
Losing my place in time is not a terrible thing.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Hey, Hey, GoodBye – Welcome Hello

2020 is almost over. It is a year most of us are glad to transition from into a new year. Many of us have suffered extreme losses. The coronavirus put a pall over much of our normality. Death and loss have become daily companions.

There are reasons to hope that 2021 will bring more healthful and prosperous times. There are vaccines for the virus which will become available for many in the coming months. As there are more travel and commerce, the economy should recover.

As we advance, new and better habits will improve lives. Writing every day gives an outlet for dreams, goals, and practices. Journaling develops voice and facility with language. Creation in the visual arts can teach patience and process.

Calm and quiet help deal with chaos and discomfort. Reading is an excellent learning tool and enjoyable entertainment. Seeing characters deal with adversity can facilitate hope.

On a personal note: I am beginning a new journal and closing the book on 2020. There have been bad and good, but I am spending this evening with Richard, who is very dear. We became close during this year of extremes.

I hope all of you celebrate this thing called life because it, today, are what is given to us. Find someone or something you love and give yourself to it. Being happy is a right, and love is a reason.

Ring out 2020, bring on 2021. May the coming days be a blessing for all of us.

I think I will be carrying on my Creativity Project for another year. Do you have a 365?

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you will follow or return. If you have comments, encouragement, or inspiration to share, all are welcome.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Beginning Unblocked

At times, like this, I want to write, but words escape my grasp like loose puppies run away. I do not know why it must be this disaster. I practice enough; no blocks should bar my way.

There are moments where we doubt our competence, fear we will never live up to our potential, but we make a way every day we are alive. There is need to allow the mind freedom for a spell with pen in hand, or keyboard ready. Time to pulverize the block is what letting go, making peace gives. No matter their direction, being with the words opens space to explore the workings and play with the pieces.

Every sentence may not fit the book, novel, poem, story, but each one reveals a part of the reason. If we are lucky, the puzzle comes together effectively. There is no secret; it is all a secret. Words call us to make use of them as productively as possible. If we write, we know it is all magic and mirrors inside us and the territory we must survey.

Writing every day is the best action to keep my imagination nimble and creativity flowing. I recommend the practice.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Outlined In Ink

I can be your someone,
Or disappear as nobody at all.
Sudden moments I shine,
Mostly I fade into space.
We can share secrets openly,
Or I could hide the heart of me.
I will tell you my rhymes, stories,
But if you wish, I quiet will provide.
My tears are often misunderstood,
If found laughing, all is good.
Wherever I am, beloved, is home,
I never care to roam while alone.
Age does not matter, time – just numbers,
So often waylaid by a random thought, lost.
Love is the reason I was made,
Faith, hope, openness, trust, persuade.
Life is an unequaled adventure; wild, free,
Chasing knowledge, understanding, belief.
Only today is the heart of the matter,
So during hours, my passions, loves, I chase.
If I lose perhaps a new day, I shall win,
If I am gone, maybe I may come again.
I can be your someone,
Or disappear as nobody at all.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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