Love, Love, Love

Do you know you are
Love, Love, Love from somewhere,
Not here, but above?
Everyone you are becomes
Instrumental bringing light.
Quit hiding in fear –
Stand up, be yourself, always,
The Love you hold is
World-changing, a beacon, guide to
Bring others into happiness.
Stand firm and believe
You are a gift from eternity,
Sent with a purpose
You are meant to transmit to
People you touch, Love for everyone!
Love never ends; it transcends
All the differences, if allowed
Love will work, changing all lives
It touches, so be quick to move
Into wherever, companioned, however,
Carrying Dreams, Faith, Hope, Love
To those who stumble, where darkness,
Despair reign because you are a transform
Sent to revive hearts, minds, souls
And call each life to love shared
From beginning to unknown forever.
Stop criticizing who God made you,
Stop letting doubt, fear, insecurity
Destroy you; negative thoughts
Are lies sent to cage you,
Because with belief, courage, you may
Help set the wounded captives free:
You are a precious agent of Love.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create something that effects change in our world through the power of loving intention. You are a miracle and wonder, be who you are.

Today with Gratitude
I have clothes.
I have steaming running water.
Sometimes the ideas come easy.
Day 16 of this year’s Creativity Project almost complete.
God is great and always good.

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Jo Ann

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