Music Therapy

Music is life, love,
When Earth is much too heavy,
A person needs friends;
Every melody, lyric,
Smooth voice, helps heal hearts, sweet.
Words resonate, stand –
Near enough to change fears, tears,
Into brilliant smiles;
Strength found in cheerful, rousing –
Songs, picking up pieces, keeping on.
If the rain pours down
Verses can surround bodies
With a shield of peace
Allowing hope to freely
Wrap one in its warm embrace.
If anger brings strife
Music can save housekeeping,
Rescue someone’s life,
Cause wrath cannot remain when
Harmonies tenderly play.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Use music to set a mood, then create something evocative.

I got agitated because of insurance snafus; music calmed me.
Peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches
Alex, getting his C-Max.
Newly-made bed
A subscriber wrote my publisher complimenting my poem.

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