Spring Ascends

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Flowering Quince

The sky begins to grin
Laughter in breezes licking
Blooms, buds, emerging all over,
Birds try Mozart on the wing
Welcoming the joys of Spring.
Lawnmowers come out of
Their retirement finding
They can roar and slash
Again, demolish growth and grass;
The turning wheel of time
Season to season leaving,
Joining creation in multiplication.
Children beg for outside time
Adults encourage homework
Completed, then recreation;
Grills abandon covers, gathering
Fuel, beginning a slow-burn –
Coaxing the best of flavors
Out of all types of meat.
Sandals, shorts, sundresses
In dizzying colors appear
Draping girls, women everywhere.
Boys, men put aside much hiding
For muscles viewed in shorts, tanks
Enjoying nature’s fabulous celebration.
Maybe time, even with its imperfections
Hollers out opportune possibilities
As LOVE makes its many advances.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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