Mixed Verses

This story of yours
Does much good for everyone
Who needing it comes.


What we remember
Is the love, care, support we
Find in another;
Relationships matter much more
Than all we acquire or do.


Sometimes what you name
Things carries much less meaning,
Than reality.


When the shadow falls
A monster of bloody hands
Seizing every plan
Wresting hope from us, away,
Injuring with cuts, deeply,
Words rationed, kept back,
No mending, wounds keep bleeding,
Hidden depths, no light.


Living in real-time
Is a challenge every day
Minutes go astray,
Even when trying these hours
The current causes swift drift.
Gauging the passage
Is only possible with
Because wild passions engage
Moments become variable.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I wrote all these in bits in my journal. I like them, so I decided to share. Most are haiku or tanka, with some variants on those forms.

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