Be Awake


This morning with the quiet before the break of dawn, the day begins. We are wrapped in anticipation of what is and what will be. Jesus lingers at the threshold of every moment asking us to rise into love’s infinity. There is nothing able to stand obstinately against our pursuit of joy when we depend on the Lord to go before us.

We are each gifted with the unique ability to bring beauty, peace, and love into being through our creativity. We should put this faculty to work as often as is possible. Creation can be a form of active prayer and practice that lifts us, and those who interact with our works, into refreshing and comfortable spheres of reality filled with love and intriguing mystery that encourages us to become more alive.

Every moment gifts us with the choice of peace, positivity, kindness, understanding, generosity, gratitude, and love. If we are mired in profound negativity, a moment can change the mindset into one of rejoicing. We are able to choose the emotions we will express, the people we will be in the world, moment to moment.

Always endeavor to choose love and life will be yours more abundantly. Reach for the wonder. Notice the light reflecting off the waves, how it shimmers brighter than any gems craved by the hearts of humankind. Listen to the whisper of the trees as they pass their knowledge of earth’s years to the whirling wind. Watch the eyes of a crow sparkle as it finds a shiny bit of trash. Look at the people surrounding you, see the miraculous beauty of each and every one. Remember, these things did not just come into being, they were placed by the Creator to fulfill His purposes and add a pleasant touch to this particular day as you walk your way in the world.

For today, I am grateful:

  1.   I am not forgotten, some people care for me.
  2.   I am able to write and express my thoughts.
  3.   Good things happen when they are most needed.
  4.   I had pleasant dreams.
  5.   The dogs were groomed this week.
  6.   I am having a lot of fun taking pictures at church.
  7.   Even though the computer is acting crazy, I am able to use it.

As a prompt, create something that lifts your spirits and will in all probability help someone else. You can be a positive influence if you so desire.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you found something worth your while here and that you will press the follow button or come back soon. Remember, you are precious, and much loved. Be aware, careful, and safe out there.

Jo Ann

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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