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He is still out there
Looking, hoping, for someone,
Not noticing me,
Because I fade fragile frost
In hidden places unseen.



Did you ever think
The briars and brambles were made
To suit God’s purpose
That the rabbits, small mammals,
Would have places fit to hide
Them from cruel predators?
We, then, most precious, placed,
Protected, safely abide
In the shadow of the cross
Where Christ’s blood, a sacrifice,
Was shed to set us all free
From sin’s great iniquity.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Wakening Song

Robed in glory,
Blazing like constant lightning,
The Savior descends,
Knees bow, tongues confess Him, Lord.

His neverending story
Grows bolder with each telling,
There is no other like Him,
He sovereign reigns, merciful,
Forever loving, grace is
In His strong arms, encircling
Protection from raging storms,
We flee peril, find safety,
In the presence of our Lord.

Robed in glory,
Blazing like constant lightning,
The Savior descends,
Knees bow, tongues confess Him, Lord.

Monday, January 29, 2018


I play with poetry. It is a native language, one I sometimes try to ignore, but for me, it is an impossibility. The poem comes as a visitor unannounced, who can and will break in and set up camp in my mind if I do not make welcome its intrusion.

Does your work ever take over, demand notice, become the only thought in your mind? What is that like? Are you glad, or do you slam the door, hoping to escape?

Sometimes those sudden pushy thoughts have unexpected gifts to give us. They bring with them paradigm shifts, breakthroughs, works of invention we did not see, had failed to acknowledge. This adds richness, insight, to our work that directly affects our audience because it arrives a base level, deep, and invades the far reaches of the mind, heart, soul, and spirit. They are unprepared, as were we.

Having some talent in art sometimes I want to create with pencil, pen, paint, but rarely will I. I am ashamed that the ability is not well-defined. Oh, once I was passably good, but practice is required, and I did not, preferring to write, where I am at home. Recently, I have a concept which is demanding execution. I am opposed to the work. It will never be as glorious as the description my mind has given me of what I am to do. So, I procrastinate, and I may push it away, it will cost me should I refuse.

Have you ever been called out of your comfort zone, to some sphere of creativity where you feel like an abandoned orphan left in the dark of night in a city where crime is rampant, and beasts roam the streets? This happens, and if you answer the adventure, sometimes surprise overwhelms you because out of nowhere you achieve greatness your awareness had not revealed you had in your possession.

Life, in truth, and creativity, in particular, is not set in stone. It is more like a clay vessel emerging from a block where the turning wheel and the artist’s hands make of it what is wanted. At any moment the form may be reset, destroyed, and the process began again. Out of a lump can come something transcendently beautiful or something purely utilitarian. The busied hands shape, but ultimately the mind in charge chooses what will be. Where our hearts are homed makes the difference in what will become.


Waiting here alone
In motion, emotion turns
Wherever it will,
Direction sudden arrives
Climate becomes a freedom
Unknown, unexplored, random,
Creativity explodes.


I am most grateful:

  1.    I was taught the value of language very young.
  2.    I have tools to explore my creative impulses.
  3.    The roast I cooked is quite delicious.
  4.    There is music.
  5.    I have some friends who are priceless.
  6.    There is a whole world out there to visit.
  7.    Things are.


As a prompt, if there is another aspect of creation intruding on your peace of mind, clamoring for your attention, heed the call and attempt to use the inspiration to broaden your repertoire of work. You might find there is something outside your field of expectation in which you are adept. Never fail to feed the fire that fuels you.

I have so much more today, there are things I have written recently that I would like to share, but I fear to inundate you with too much of my enthusiasm for my faith. Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative, I hope something here captured your attention and made you ponder. If you wish to, click the follow button, or come back at your leisure.

This world is borrowed, we must be aware and have a care, for some are unkind and unleash harm. May you create beauty and find prosperity in all your ways.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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