Possessing Gratitude

Some were tricked, misled,
Into believing our days,
Our lives are only
Ordinary, when truly
Every single precious one
Is a gift beyond compare
Created for our pleasure.
When we lose the special sense
That we are each one unique
Living with distinct purpose
Placed where we are with reason,
We lose our frame of reference,
Unbelief can assault us
Tearing our lives asunder.
This day, this very one is
Never to be repeated,
Has not existed before,
Each moment is a blessing,
It is ours to fill with love;
The breath we inhale, exhale,
Could be our final one, last,
Maybe that does not fill your heart
With fear, awe, of God who gives
Or easily takes away;
Me, I pray for grace somehow
That I may share His great Love
In such a way that I reflect
Jesus in my words and deeds,
And joy, thankfulness today.


I wrote this in my “Brain Dump Notebook” which, I may have told you, is a cheap composition book from “Back-to-School” days at Wal-Mart. I think it was 99 cents. Every year I go to those sales and grab a few things. I have a collection of beautiful journals, some leather bound, others with wooden covers, I cannot bring myself to write in them. I would make a mistake and ruin the thing. The question this begs, if I cannot use them, what will become of them. Some of my craziness, but I never told anyone I had all my crayons in the box.

I think I will skip a gratitude list here. I have not been to bed since I wrote the last one. Too, just now, my pain levels do not facilitate an enormous amount of thankfulness.

Will you think seriously about how precious each day is? Will you express your love to your dear ones more frequently because anything can and often does happen? Will you realize that your creativity is not to be hidden away like extra bedclothes saved for guests? Keeping the good things that would bring you joy for later, can you break that habit? Will you use your unique gifts, talents, abilities, to bring the world closer to the beauty and wonder it needs to survive? If we are to save the world, we must convince the world it is worth a future.

As a prompt, pick any of the ideas above and expound upon them. If you are an artist other than of the written word, turn one of those things into work.

Thank you for taking time to read my meanderings. I hope you enjoyed your time visiting Haphazard Creative. You may follow the website, or you may make your way here again. Be love, inspiration, encouragement, joy, to others you encounter. Look for the gifts in the moments of the day. Do not take time for granted, it is remarkable. Please, be aware, trust your instincts, lock your doors, and be careful out there. God bless you and keep you in all your ways.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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