I loaded all my troubles
Into an old wagon and hitched
It to myself, as if it was terrific.
I came to understand my worry
Carried around, so weighty,
Could nary a problem solve.
I arrested myself in my circular
Tracks, and dumped the wagon
Content into the hardy, healthy weeds,
Choosing my life to free in love,
Knowing there was more in me
Than recognized or seen.
Abandoned, the wagon stays
To remind me there are ways
I can deal with fearful days,
Without sacrificing my peace
To an unreasonable burden,
Doubt, uncertainty, serves no purpose.
The fright still comes time and again,
But the wagonload does not like
A misfortunate encumbrance remain,
I have given it away to the care
Of God who can lessen, negate,
All the pain, making me whole again.
If I wallow then in misery
I have chosen to abdicate the power
My Savior pricelessly bought and wrought
That I might live life to the fullest
Completely abundant, blessed now
And chosen for eternity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


I was going to post the wagon, but I have used it before. You may imagine I can dump my troubles out among the woods here.

I am reading a book, intermittently, called Why Poetry, which I dip into, then even though I do not follow it, I get inspired.

As a prompt, create something inspired by something written, even if you are only tangentially relating to it.

I am so grateful to have some things appearing in the February issue of the Villa Rica News & Views.

Bless you. Be well. Remember, shadows only last a while, and you are stronger than you believe. You can successfully achieve whatever you dream.

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